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The Dog That Had No Friends


There was once a young dog who had a heart of gold.
He was from a good family who loved him very much.
They cared for him just like he was human…

He was a friendly dog, one who wouldn’t hurt a fly.
He had 2 younger (human) brothers who would always play rough with him
But he knew that they were only playing and so he would gently play back.

He loved to play and make new friends
He was always SO excited when he would go for his daily walks down to the dog park
There were always so many new friends to be made!

So he entered the park…
Tail wagging,
Senses going off with new scents and smells
Always different from last time,
New friendly faces that he couldn’t wait to meet.

But for some reason…
Every time he entered the park…
The other dogs would be put back on their leash…
They would be taken home…
They’d leave just as he would arrive..

He never had the chance to make new friends
He would never be able to socialise
These other owners took his new friends away before he ever had the chance to say hi

Day in, day out,
He constantly had the same troubles.
He started to feel down
Less excited about his walks knowing he wouldn’t make any new friends…

Was there something wrong with him?
What did he ever do to the others?
Why wouldn’t they come close?

His owners could see he was less energetic,
Less enthused about his walks,
His owners could see he seemed sad,

So one night, they went online & bought him some new accessories…
Thinking gifts may lighten him up.
And that they did.
A big, bright green collar, perfect for his next walk.

So one day, back out on their daily walk to the dog park
His mood was still a little down,
Expecting the worst,
Knowing the routine…

Until suddenly…
The dogs stayed,
One, Two, Three..
None of the dogs left the park!

THEN, dogs started to approach him!
He was socialising!
He had friends!
He could FINALLY play with some dog friends.

But what was different?
What changed for this to happen?
Was it by a stroke of good luck?

It was his new collar.
His bright green new collar his owners got him.

It stood out so well that these other dog owners could read the big bold letters from afar that stated “FRIENDLY”

The collar was able to let them know he wouldn’t bite,
That he was a friendly dog and wanted to make new friends

From that day onwards his walks have become his favourite activities again,
He’s ecstatic for his walks…
To meet new friends
To socialise

And it’s all thanks to his new collar.

…Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of awareness to let other people know your dog is friendly & approachable.

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