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Keep Your Dog Safe While Travelling

Keep Your Dog Safe While Travelling

Our innovative temperament awareness collars can help keep you, your dog, other people and their pets safe. When you’re travelling you’re effectively removing your dog from their familiar environment and the people that occupy it, so it’s in these moments that our collar can be of even more benefit.

When travelling to a new location, the cultural norms relating to dogs may be different from what you are used to. Bupa Pet Insurance recently acknowledged our collar as an essential item for your travels saying, ‘a Friendly Dog Collar spells out the type of personality your dog has on the colour-coded harness-style garment. It will help keep your mind at ease when holidaying with dogs.’

The article, ‘Your Guide to Travelling with Pets in Australia‘ gives plenty of great pet product recommendations and advice for a stress-free trip with your fur baby and is definitely worth a read if you’re contemplating a trip with your pet.

One thing you should always consider is the way the change in environment may affect your pooch. For example, it may be common in your destination for children to run up and pet your dog or for other dog owners to allow their dogs free rein to come up and sniff your pooch. If your dog is not used to this type of behaviour, it can be highly stressful and could lead to antisocial behaviour such as snarling or biting – even if they have never done so before.

By outfitting your furry friend with a Friendly Dog Collars colour coded temperament awareness collar or vest, you effectively signal to others that your dog should not be approached or should be approached with caution. This small effort can make a major difference in your and your dog’s safety.

Here at Friendly Dog Collars, we carry options for ‘friendly’, ‘caution’ and ‘service dog’. We also carry options for dogs in training, dogs with hearing or vision impairment and dogs available for adoption. This variety of choices enables you to be very specific about your dog, thus greatly helping others in knowing how to interact with your pooch.

In addition to collars, we also offer vests, harnesses and leads. Our products have helped countless dog owners prevent incidents before they happen. These items are great for use in your home environment. But they are even more useful while travelling to areas where both you and your pup are unfamiliar.

As more and more people are embracing temperament alert products, the colours and symbols are becoming more recognisable and effective. Browse through our selection today to join this growing movement in making the world a safer place for dogs and their owners.

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