About Us

Wag Tail Designs Pet Store was created in 2015

Two friends got together with the same passion of animals and thought lets create something together. So started our adventure, Colleen the dress maker and Sylv the Dog Washer needed something different in their lives.

So what became a hobby now has become a company which has incorporated the passion of making our pets happy.

We source the best of tough pet products and make good quality clothing which is exclusive. All pet clothing are made to order or are one of designs due to recycling the material

Because we love our own pets so much we aimed to not only spoil them but give them the best oppitunity at life in play time and exercise time.

So we are passionate about the 2 main products that we focus on selling which is the Friendly Awareness Brand of Coats, Bandannas, Collars , Leads,and Harness, these are great in so many ways it means if you have a dog that you cant walk or take out to play because of its aggression to other dogs or maybe its scared of other people than this range helps with that. By wearing one of the items your pet can walk freely and make other people aware not to approach your dog if he or she is not friendly.No stress on the dog or the owner. Makes for happy dog happy wife and happy life.

We also specialise in something close to my heart Natural products for allergies in pets. Its called Equifeast Fight Back made in Australia by 2 Vets. We are the only distributor in Perth and the outcome is amazing. We have lots of reviews on our webpage for this product. I love the thought that we can help out our pets in a much safer way and free of nasty chemicals.

Thank you for visiting our Web Site and I hope you find what you are looking for. If not I am only a phone call away.

Sylv MacDonald