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Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs
Does your dog suffer with arthritis and are you unsure what would be best for your pet?
Do I take them to the vet? (yes)
Do I start them on a natural program before I start them on a vet prescribed program? (yes)
Want to know whats best for your pet?
Well I can speak from experience with my own dogs and my clients dogs that we have treated naturally also.
We had an old boy we rescued t the age of 10 and by the age of 12 he was showing very poor movement the way he moved. We put him straight on Rose Hip and he was a completely different dog for the 2 years we had him on it.
After the 2 years he started to move a lot slower again and knew he needed a bit more, so we then went to our vet who started to give him the injections he needed. He lived very happily and went to the park everyday until he passed away at 16.
We sell a few natural things that can help with Arthritis in your pets. First is the Golden Joints with Rose Hip, Turmeric and Black Pepper. (half the price of Rose Hip )
The next thing I would recommend is The Copper Collar and for the little ones we sell the bags to carry them in at the park and on walks so they don’t miss out, just because they are getting older.
You can find these products on our website
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