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Angels’ Eyes Soothing Nose Glow Moisturizer is specifically developed to help soften and moisturize your pet’s nose, giving it a beautiful smooth texture and a shiny glow. Apply this topical cream by using your fingertips to gently massage it onto your pet’s nose daily. It absorbs directly, so there’s no washing or rinsing required. Angels’ Eyes Soothing Nose Glow Moisturizer helps restore your dog’s dry or matte nose back to a healthy, hydrated sniffer.

Paw Moisturiser

Topical moisturizer to restore or maintain the smoothness of your pups nose. A dry nose is not only uncomfortable for your pet but also impedes their ability to smell properly.

  • Coconut & sunflower oil, beeswax, and shea butter soften and moisturize your pet’s nose, giving it a smooth texture and shiny glow.
  • Absorbs directly into their nose, reversing a dry or cracked appearance.
  • No washing or rinsing required, making application a quick and easy task.
  • Simply apply once daily and your pup’s sniffer will be back to normal!
  • Specifically developed to help protect and moisturize your pets rought dry and cracked paws leaving them soft and smooth
  • Apply gently by just using your fingertips to apply once a day massaging onto your pets paws
  • No washing or rinsing required
  • For External use only
  • Use only as directed
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Soft Paw Moisturiser, Nose Glow Moisturiser


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