Calmer Collars KVP

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Calmer Collars from KVP – With all of the benefits of soft and plastic e-collars, the Calmer Collar is the best of both worlds, without any compromise. This premium extended-use- e-collar features a patented Easy Feed opening that allows animals to eat and drink comfortably.The heavy duty outer material repels grime and fur, while the soft material and calming colors on the inside provide a comfortable, cozy experience. Multi-colored Velcro pieces and clear-view windows allow for quick and accurate application. Machine washable.

Medium Neck 30-40cm (12-16″) Circ Depth 20cm (8″)


Anything you can do to “lighten the mood” during a pet’s recovery from injury or surgery can help lower stress levels, which increases the chances of a fast recovery. Embellishing a pet’s cone with artistic touches can transform it from scary-looking to fun. And if you’re smiling at the cone you’re also smiling at your pet. A cone makeover doesn’t require much; markers, paint, stickers, whatever you have on hand that can beautify it will make your pet’s recovery process a lot better.

The Length of Recovery
After a veterinary medical procedure, typically the vet will advise an animal to wear a cone until it has completely healed, which can be as short as a few days or as long as a few weeks. Some cones are designed to be worn for a short 1-4 day period, while others are intended for extended use. Upgrading from the classic, solid plastic cones in favor of the more comfortable and innovative varieties can improve a pet’s mood, lower stress levels, and increase the chances of a healthy and successful recovery. Also, studies show that blue, purple, or yellow cones can lower a dog’s anxiety and stress levels.

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