Cat Copper Collars

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New for Wag Tail Designs and Australia. We are proud to deliver to you for your pets the new KB Copper Cat Collars. We are the only supplier here and these are made in Australia.

Does your pet suffer from any of these below?
Back Pain
Pet Odour
Skin Conditions or
Stress and Anxiety

These cat collars are doing wonders  already for many cats. Don’t let your pet suffer any more let the copper do its work naturally.


Cat collars are made from 99% copper

Leather strapping through the collar stops cat claws from getting caught.

Easy slip over the head of any cat or small dog

One size fits all.

2 reviews for Cat Copper Collars

  1. Sylvia MacDonald

    Hello . Im letting you know i got good news. My cat alaska has infection skin and anxiety. 4 months she didnt sleep in the house. I got your lovely collar and put her on pills for anxiety and your COPPER COLLAR. Last night she slept inside the house after long 4 months. This morning she went outside for 2 hours and came back in. I am more than happy. Im not sure if is collar helping or medication or both. But she will keep Cooper Collar on her for ever. Im thanking you from my heart i am very pleased. Thank you my friend.❤.

  2. Sylvia MacDonald

    Review from Marnya Michie
    I bought the copper collar for my cat who was going insane scratching. I’ve tried everything from steroids to antihistamines, she had open wounds everywhere and the collar has worked unbelievably for her. Her personality has changed so much it’s incredible, she’s a different cat. Not sure about a dog but for $35 it’s worth a try 😊

    Marnya Michie

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