Hemp Seed Oil for Pets – 100% Raw

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This optimum plant-based hemp nutrition is easy to digest, leading to elevated health in your pet. Customers report a dramatic effect on three primary areas: skin & fur – joints & mobility – mood & anxiety. This is due to naturally occurring cannabinoids plus hemp’s high nutrient content. 100% legal and contains CBD and THC within the legal limit, so you don’t have to worry about pooch or kitty breaking the law!

Whether added to food or used externally, you’ll see the difference within a matter of weeks – not only will their coats, ears, eyes, joints, nails and teeth improve, but their mood will be elevated, and they’ll even have better breath! In fact, you’ll notice such a positive difference that you might even suspect the little critter’s high on something… We’re so sure you’ll see a positive difference

Hemp Seed Oil For Pets is great for external use. It alleviates dry skin, improves fur & coat, strengthens nails, is great for a sore cracked nose or paws, and helps relieve joint pain.




Use once daily.

Small animals (under 10kg) = 1/4 dropper.

Medium animals (10-25kg) = 1/2 dropper.

Large animals (25kg+) = 1 dropper.

Add directly to food – though if your pet is anything like our dog, they’ll lick it right off the spoon! You’ll soon start to notice a positively glowing coat and any pain or skin conditions will begin to heal. Many of our customers also report a rapid elevation in their pets’ moods, the result being less anxious animals.

5 reviews for Hemp Seed Oil for Pets – 100% Raw

  1. Sylvia MacDonald

    A new review from K.L
    I got this product to calm my 10 month old mastiff x staffy. He is very protective by nature, often scanning people in public places and barking at some. After a week, I have noticed a great improvement (a decrease) in his hyper-vigilance , he appears more relaxed when in play environments such as the beach and park. I will definitely continue with this product. He is a much happier boy when he gets to have fun and relax.

  2. Sylvia MacDonald

    Another review from Vicki Hall regards to her dog Tank.
    My Dobermann x is now on Day #7 on the new Hemp oil and starting to see some lovely changes! his pads are no longer becoming sandpaper, nails looking less chipped and his coat starting to feel much softer too.

    also noticed some slight changes in his behaviour as he’s fear reactive we are having better car rides with him not reacting as much to some things, he has seen a few dogs when out and still been fucused but not loosing his shit over them, he also literally dragged me in excitement into the dog park yesterday while it was empty to throw balls.

    hoping to keep seeing more positive changes as the weeks go by on hemp oil

  3. Sylvia MacDonald

    New Review from W, Arratt
    We have a 17-year-old greyhound. She has a little Arthritis but otherwise okay. Then she began having seizures…the vet suggested she has had a good innings, you can guess the rest. Our dog is happy and otherwise fine so we decided to try medication. Well…on the medication she couldn’t walk, kept falling over and we were having doubts about our decision. A workmate suggested we try your Hemp Seed Oil so with nothing to lose except our beloved family member we ordered some. That was about a month ago. We took her off the medication and started her on the Oil. She now thinks she’s a puppy again, back to her old self! Running around, chasing the ball and the other dog. We are so grateful to that workmate and of course The Cannabis Co for giving her life back, for whatever time she has.

  4. Sylvia MacDonald

    Review from Chrissy Rosebud
    Kelpie, Labrador and Retriever – anxiety, joint pain and aggression
    My Kelpie (who is 9 years old now) has barked at night nearly every night her whole life…within 48 hours of using this hemp oil she has slept through every night… we couldn’t believe it!!! So testing the boundaries, I took her off it for a couple of days and the following night she again woke at 1am barking and so on for a couple of nights… Safe to say she is now back on the oil again, and we are all sleeping peacefully!

    My 7-year-old Labrador has had a knee replaced a couple of years ago and as this winter rolled in the coldness really hit her. She became stiff when getting out of her bed and not moving as well. I noticed after using the Hemp oil she became a lot more agile when moving!

    My 2-year-old Retriever came from a rescue home, and after having him for a couple of months he became aggressive towards other dog, he had had 4 treatments of acupuncture to open the channels up and then we tried your Hemp Seed Oil For Pets. After 10 day we noticed a difference; he was becoming more placid and softening in his attitude. He calmed right down and is now able to enjoy the dog park with no stress or anxiety.

  5. Sylvia MacDonald

    Another great review from Keira Lloyd
    Highly recommend both the hemp oil and biscuits. My elderly dog seems to have had a boost of energy and less trembling in her legs. My boy who is a mummy’s boy has less anxiety and separation issues. Also as he is a blue, his skin allergies seem to be less inflamed.

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