HomeoPet Anxiety


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HomeoPet Anxiety 30 Grams

Has been formulated by Vets and has been clinically trialed worldwide to promote a sense of calm for your pet. Its a liquid solution that is fast acting, usually with in minutes or hours with out any side affects. Unlike many other products, it is non-sedating and non- habit forming it works rapidly, often within fifteen minutes.

Many situations can trigger anxiety. For example, the introduction of new pets, fear of being alone, scared of the vet or groomer, moving house, grief, inherent anxiety disorders, rescue pets. Symptoms include unwanted behaviors, fretting, excessive barking, whining, crying, hiding and shaking and drooling to name a few common symptoms.

Therefore, this product enables you to administer as required and get fast acting relief.

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How Does It Work

While the body has its own natural abilities to heal and recover from illness or injury, sometimes that ability is compromised and extra help is needed for a faster , full recovery.

HomeoPet liquid drops are designed to give that extra help, by addressing both the immediate symptoms and the underlying causes for better pet health and well- being.

The unique ingredients in HomeoPet’s formulas are unlike anything you will find in a supplement, vitamin or nutrient. Created by Vets with years of research and development, the seven products in the range are the best-in-class and most wildly used natural solutions to common pet health conditions – trusted by millions of people.


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