Horse Copper Fleece Under Rug With Neck Rug


Thick fleecy black and rose gold neck and under rug with removable copper chain for easy cleaning.

These beautiful coats are not kept in stock they are pre ordered. So as soon as one is purchased they will be ordered the same day and delivery will be up to 2-3 weeks.



Horses need copper in their diets to properly utilize iron and to develop healthy connective tissue. It is also important for horses with allergies as it is able to lower the concentration of histamine in the body. Copper also helps to keep the central nervous system running correctly.
Keeps the coat shine

Hoof problems can occur, as they are closely related to the coat. Hooves tend to be weaker, losing shoes and cracked hooves can be a common occurrence. The splitting or cracked hooves can leave the horse more susceptible to contracting white line disease by opportunistic bacteria and thus affect the overall horse health. Other common occurrences in the hoof are problems with thrush, as the frog tissue is not in a healthy state, being weak and soft allows the bacteria to enter.

In worst case scenarios osteoporosis or arthritis can be the result of copper deficiency and in some cases horses have been diagnosed with fragile bones and deformations. Foals and other growing horses need sufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and copper, along with other nutrients, in order to form strong, healthy bones and joints.


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4.0", 4.3", 4.6", 4.9", 5.0", 5.3", 5.6", 5.9", 6.0", 6.3", 6.6", 6.9", 7.0", 7.3"


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