Horse Copper Suede Neck and Under Coat


Thick Suede black and rose gold neck and under rug with removable copper chain for easy cleaning.
These beautiful coats are not kept in stock they are pre ordered. So as soon as one is purchased they will be ordered the same day and delivery will be up to 2-3 weeks.




Here are some signs to look for in your horse that could mean they have a copper deficiency:

  • Fading coat colour
  • Frizzy ends
  • Parasite issues
  • Melanomas
  • Curled hair that looks like a fish hook

If there is an excess of iron in your soil or water it will create a copper deficiency. If the horse is experiencing a copper deficiency, they are probably deficient in other nutrients as well and you may need to speak to your vets regarding other supplements.

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4.0", 4.3", 4.6", 4.9", 5.0", 5.3", 5.6", 5.9", 6.0", 6.3", 6.6", 6.9", 7.0", 7.3", 7.6", 7.9"


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