Horse Copper Woolen Neck and Under Coat


Thick woolen black and rose gold neck and under rug with removable copper chain for easy cleaning.
These beautiful coats are not kept in stock they are pre ordered. So as soon as one is purchased they will be ordered the same day and delivery will be up to 2-3 weeks.



Did you know that black skinned horses which include gray’s need more copper than others at all times? Bays and chestnuts will look washed out with lighter-coloured than normal coats, and the blacks will have a definite reddish cast.

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4.0", 4.3", 4.6", 4.9", 5.0", 5.3", 5.6", 5.9", 6.0", 6.3", 6.6", 6.9", 7.0", 7.3", 7.6", 7.9"


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