Rescue of the Month

Kodie is one of the most affectionate dogs we know. She loves humans, cuddles, and playing. If you are looking for some love therapy, Kodie is your girl. She’s a chilled dog who likes a nice stroll in the morning and enjoys sleepy afternoons.

Kodie thrives with loving human connection; and ideally, she would suit a human or two who work part time or even work from home. A retired (and fit) person or couple would be even better. Children over 12 years would be OK.

As Kodie is very affectionate and loves being around humans, and would need to be an inside dog – one who is made to feel part of the family. A back garden with high fences is a must. She would like the humans for herself, so there should be no more animals in the home.

Kodie has some basic training, is eager to please, and is a fast learner. She will do anything for a piece of cooked chicken! She knows how to ‘sit’ ‘stay’ ‘come’ ‘drop’ and ‘roll over’. She is toilet trained and knows how to uses the doggy door. One of the volunteers at K9 is spending lots of time with Kodie, and reports she is learning new things every day.

Kodie arrived at K9 in July 2016. As a young pup she was not socialised with other dogs, and therefore, she finds them confusing and threatening. She especially does not like other dogs getting in her face. She will need a strong and confident owner who understands her breed. As a wolfhound she will chase moving objects, such as cats and other dogs. If you think you could give Kodie her forever home, please come and see her at K9 Rescue.


58 Sunshine Place
Nambeelup WA 6207
T:  (08) 9581 9005

Name: Kodie
Breed: Wolfhound X
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 1/08/2012
Skin Colour: Black/White
Weight: 37kg