Can’t praise Wagtail Designs Pet Store enough for their prompt service, mega fast delivery and quality products. My two dogs have been using Fight Back now for a few months and are on their second lot and it has certainly made a difference. My elderly Maltese has had a bad throat infection similar to kennel cough and yet my 6 month old Maltese pup never caught it all due her boosted immune system through Fight Back. I know it is doing them good as they look and feel so amazing since being on it and have plenty of energy. A friend of mine put me onto it when her 15 yo Maltese had stopped eating and was wasting away. After Fight Back her dog is fully back to her younger self and eating like a horse again which is wonderful to see. Thank you so much Wagtail Designs for stocking this product which is hard to find especially with the Afterpay option. After racking up hundreds of dollars for vet bills for my elderly dog it’s much appreciated to be able to pay off things off over the 4 payments. I will definitely be purchasing and trying more of your products very soon. Thank you again for your exceptional service and products

Tanya Maree

Its been just over a month since we received our copper chain… our boy has arthiritus and hip dysplasia. We have seen a BIG difference when he has to get up…. Our boy now runs to the car and runs out of the complex for his walks, which he could not before as he was constantly stiff in his legs. Thank you so much, our hearts are so happy♡♡

Ilse Green

Highly recommend both the hemp oil and biscuits. My elderly dog seems to have had a boost of energy and less trembling in her legs. My boy who is a mummy’s boy has less anxiety and separation issues. Also as he is a blue, his skin allergies seem to be less inflamed.

Keira Lloyd

Hi Sylvia,


The new copper collar is definitely working a treat for him and it’s not making his skin black so I’m assuming the first one was definitely a dodgy one like you said. The fight back is helping so much and he’s getting a few sores but I think that’s just the toxins coming out… the cool calm and collected has always done wonders for our boy! Thanks for your help

Kind regards,



I have a 4 year old staffy name indy, she suffered from allergies until I started her on fightback, it took a week or so to work but it clear up her licking and her spots are all gone, I also brought a husikmo pinnacle coat, ultimate harness, collar and lead from wagtails and they fit her great… thanks to Sylvia for all your work and dedication to look after my fur baby.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone … and the price are lower than anywhere else I have seen.

Maxine Nankervis

Before fightback my dog was vomiting, had mucus in her poo, had a severe rash on her stomach and back legs. Also hot spots and redness in one ear. I’ve taken her to the vet so many times in the last year and all he did was give her steroids which hurt her and did nothing to heal her. After seeing a post from Wagtails on FB I messaged Sylvia for some advice. She was very helpful and recommended I try Fightback so I went ahead and purchased it. My dog has had half a teaspoon every day for 10 days. The results are amazing….no vomiting, normal poo, no hotspots and the redness has almost disappeared. Her fur is already growing back and she’s now a happy, healthy dog. I can’t thank Sylvia and Wagtails enough for this product. It’s amazing

Lyn Lodge

Hi Sylvia
I would like to thank you from myself and my girl Scout. After a year of gut and itching problems she has been on fightback for 7 days and she now doesn’t vomit anymore. Her redness is slowly disappearing and she doesn’t itch at all. This product has been an absolute godsend for us. Thankyou so much

Linda Star

Ordered Fight Back for our almost 2 year old staffy. We only got him in December, our initial vet check showed quite bad ear infections, vet said was likely to be food allergy, then other issues started, dry flakey skin, major fur loss and terrible itching. Tried changing diet and did allergy testing. Heard about fight back and after 5 days on it he was like a new doggy. So impressed would highly recommend it.
Thank you so much

Elisha Miller-Dean

Greyhound – arthritis and mobility on Hemp Oil

We have a 17-year-old greyhound. She has a little Arthritis but otherwise okay. Then she began having seizures…the vet suggested she has had a good innings, you can guess the rest. Our dog is happy and otherwise fine so we decided to try medication. Well…on the medication she couldn’t walk, kept falling over and we were having doubts about our decision. A workmate suggested we try your Hemp Seed Oil so with nothing to lose except our beloved family member we ordered some. That was about a month ago. We took her off the medication and started her on the Oil. She now thinks she’s a puppy again, back to her old self! Running around, chasing the ball and the other dog. We are so grateful to that workmate and of course The Cannabis Co for giving her life back, for whatever time she has.

Wendy, Arrarat

Kelpie, Labrador and Retriever – anxiety, joint pain and aggression,on Hemp

My 7-year-old Labrador has had a knee replaced a couple of years ago and as this winter rolled in the coldness really hit her. She became stiff when getting out of her bed and not moving as well. I noticed after using the Hemp oil she became a lot more agile when moving!

My Kelpie (who is 9 years old now) has barked at night nearly every night her whole life…within 48 hours of using this hemp oil she has slept through every night… we couldn’t believe it!!! So testing the boundaries, I took her off it for a couple of days and the following night she again woke at 1am barking and so on for a couple of nights… Safe to say she is now back on the oil again, and we are all sleeping peacefully!

My 2-year-old Retriever came from a rescue home, and after having him for a couple of months he became aggressive towards other dog, he had had 4 treatments of acupuncture to open the channels up and then we tried your Hemp Seed Oil For Pets. After 10 day we noticed a difference; he was becoming more placid and softening in his attitude. He calmed right down and is now able to enjoy the dog park with no stress or anxiety.

Chrissy, Rosebud @On Point Needling

Im so pleased with the purchase of my cat hammocks and will definitely buy products from wag tails and i highly recommend wag tails to animal owners


Im so pleased with the purchase of my cat hammocks and will definitely buy products from wag tails and i highly recommend wag tails to animal owners

I got this product to calm my 10 month old mastiff x staffy. He is very protective by nature, often scanning people in public places and barking at some. After a week, I have noticed a great improvement (a decrease) in his hyper-vigilance , he appears more relaxed when in play environments such as the beach and park. I will definitely continue with this product. He is a much happier boy when he gets to have fun and relax.


My Dobermann x is now on Day #7 on the new Hemp oil and starting to see some lovely changes! his pads are no longer becoming sandpaper, nails looking less chipped and his coat starting to feel much softer too.

also noticed some slight changes in his behaviour as he’s fear reactive we are having better car rides with him not reacting as much to some things, he has seen a few dogs when out and still been fucused but not loosing his shit over them, he also literally dragged me in excitement into the dog park yesterday while it was empty to throw balls.

hoping to keep seeing more positive changes as the weeks go by on hemp oil

Vicki Hall

Hi I have been using fight back for my two pugs now for a couple of weeks ,they had a very bad odour and were scratching .I find that now they seem to smell much better and don’t scratch as much , I wasn’t sure if it would work or not but I carried on with it and it is helping them .Thank You for this product it saved my poor dogs from being banned from the lounge room now they can sit in the chair and watch tv without stinking the room out .

Mary Devlin

I bought the copper collar for my cat who was going insane scratching. I’ve tried everything from steroids to antihistamines, she had open wounds everywhere and the collar has worked unbelievably for her. Her personality has changed so much it’s incredible, she’s a different cat. Not sure about a dog but for $35 it’s worth a try 😊

Marnya Michie 

An update on Hugo our staffy who suffered badly with nearly continual scratching and red belly over the years, his usual summer medication was prednisolone. Recently we bought fightback i noticed an immediate change in him as his scratching had vastly improved. 16 doses later i have stopped giving him fightback to see how he handles being of the supplement. It is 5 days now and he is still going well , i am trying local pure honey to see if it helps his skin more so on his paws. I recommend any one thinking of trying fight back to try it , i am more than pleased with the product and above all it will give you back a happy dog

William Baszczuk

One month ago I started my Indy on fightback
she has come so far no more licking, itching and she has no more red rashes or spots her allergies seen to have gone .. thanks to Wag Tail Designs for your help ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ starts would highly recommend to anyone that has issue with there dog or cats

Maxine Nankervis

Hugo our 6 year old white staffy suffered with alot of scratching and had redness on his belly over the years. After trying many different things over the years we boughht some fightback. I actually noticed a big reduction in his scratching after his first does of the supplement. He now has had 5 doses and it is still a massive improvement . I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a suffering dog who is scratching alot. We are very happy with the product.

William Baszczuk

Hello Sylvia,

How are you?  I have noticed that my dog isn’t waking me up in the morning with her licking and scratching. The product has definitely helped. It took about 4 days for it to come into full effect. I will be continuing with its use. It’s great not having her biting herself. Thank you.



We got the copper collar for my dog, and since wearing it we have notice that shes become a lot more active and moves around a lot more freely, there has also been less smelly odor. Not only all that but it looks great on her too.

Kate Norrie

Excellent service with very quick delivery. Happy with product ordered. Great service & experience.

Linda Forrest

I ordered a copper collar for my dog with allergies. He lost it within the first day as I ordered it much too large. The staff were fantastic and helped me reorder and ensure i have the correct size. I am so grateful for the assistance and service.

Sarah Pollock

Excellent service, ordered online & received my order within 3 days.

Helen Hudson

Bought a little copper collar for my 9 yo Maltese who has arthritis and chews on his paws daily. Has only had it on for 3 days, he isn’t limping as much and hasn’t chewed at his paws once. Amazing I can’t believe it. The chain also looks lovely against his little white coat so going to change his name from Max to Mario lol lol lol just to please my Italian uncle who wears a similar chain. Highly recommend this little collar. So glad I heard about you on facebook in my news feed. Wonderful customer service nothing is too much trouble and super fast postage. Thank you xx

Susan Bennett

After 2 days of Hadley wearing his new collar I noticed an improvement in the amount he was itching. It’s now been a week and his itching has stopped completely! I really wasn’t expecting to see a change so quickly.

Kim Loasby

I used the Cool Calm and Collected on my sister’s dog while he was staying, he has really bad separation anxiety, it made a huge difference it calmed him down by day two and just got better and better, it made his stay a lot more enjoyable than normal for him. Highly recommended

Rose Case WA

The cool calm and collected works wicked on my american staff x Kelpie as he was so hyper now has mellowed out and still has fun running a muck but not 24/7 cheers

Joanne Horton

Dogs are just loving the interactive food activity items purchased

Roslyn ⚘🌹

Trippel Treater

They look great! Thanks so much, white is not the most conducive colours for dirty dogs but the products are fabulous and help our Deaf dog to be easily recognised. Thank you

Danielle Don

Deaf Dog Awareness Coat

I have used Fightback for Dogs with my Bull Terrier for some months now and this combined with other treatments has kept his fairly bad skin issues at bay. I would recommend this product as it’s easy to use, my boy loves the taste and it works!!!

Brett Goddard

Hello . Im letting you know i got good news. My cat alaska has infection skin and anxiety. 4 months she didnt sleep in the house. I got your lovely collar and put her on pills for anxiety and your COPPER COLLAR. Last night she slept inside the house after long 4 months. This morning she went outside for 2 hours and came back in. I am more than happy. Im not sure if is collar helping or medication or both. But she will keep Cooper Collar on her for ever. Im thanking you from my heart i am very pleased. Thank you my friend..

Copper Cat Collar

Hi everyone I have a amazing update from a amazing family who purchased a collar for their wonderful loving pooch Tia. Tia is a rescue dog so she didn’t have a good start to life but now she is three and loving life except her itchy back. The update has literally brought me to tears of happiness to hear how much the collar has helped. Here is what they had to say.

Tia girl is looking and feeling so much better all thanks to you her skin is healing and she even has hair growing back, I am so thankful and happy with KB Copper Collar. Tia, family and I cannot thank you enough.

Copper Collars

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 5 star review from Sharon: No Dogs coat

My girl does not like little white dogs or loose dogs that come rushing up to her so this coat lets everyone know how she feels. And it looks great on her too.


🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 5 star review from Meganl: Walking is much more enjoyable!

I bought the No Dogs collar for my Staffy who doesn’t like dogs coming up his face since he was attacked last year 🙁 So far it has been an excellent purchase, the collar is great quality and nice and soft inside his neck. Since wearing the collar other dog walkers now give him space when they pass which makes walking much more enjoyable for us both. No more dogs running across the park at him while the owner yells ‘it’s ok, my dog is friendly…’


I found the Bug Barrier Balm pleasant smelling and very easy to use. Unlike other products on the market, I liked the staying power this one has. One application lasts a long time. No ears have been bitten by flies this season so I’m 100% happy. I will definitely buy again.

Karen H

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Manuka Balm to any pet owners with dry and cracked noses or paws. We used it daily and after just one week of use the scabs on my dog’s nose had cleared up. As long as I continue to use the balm it stays smooth. I have tried Paw Paw and so many other ‘natural’ solutions that just didn’t help. Thank you!!

Kelly E

Your products are amazing Belle!! Macs scratching has almost stopped. I think we are both stoked at this!!



I have only been using the Fight Back for one week but noticed the difference in my German Shepherd within a few days. She has almost stopped rubbing her nose on the furniture and the skin under it isn’t so sore looking.

I had originally tried her on steroids which worked but she couldn’t be on all the time, then I was trying to change her diet but that hadn’t made a lot of difference.

I wish I had seen this product earlier.

Thank you


Heather Donald

Hi thanks alot the girls copper necklaces [haaa] fit great .They swim each morning at the beach still looking good .The scratching is at half and it has only been a week WOW thanks again Ann,Posh and Sassy.

Ann MitchellGeograph WA

Heard a lot about fight back, thought I’d give it go as my pup has allergies & itches a lot, he’s been on it for 10 days now & we haven’t seen any difference. We will keep going with it though In the hope that it may help him

Tracy Rankin

Hi Sylvia just a quick note to let you know we received the Fight Back and the Copper Collars today, the collars are a perfect fit. Thank you for sending these so quickly and I will let you know how our girls are doing after a while of wearing the collars and having the Fight Back

Rebecca CaldwellNSW

We have just finished our first trial on cats please meet Ether a ginger and cream cat around 6 years he suffered from stress which caused over grooming, itching and the lose of hand fulls of hair, he became scared of being in the open and hid most if the time not coming out for food, toilet and general he didn’t have much contact with anyone. He has now been wearing his collar for around 7 weeks and his progress with anxiety, stress, over grooming itching and socially has improved he now comes for company he is eating well and hair has started growing back there no more scabs and his coat colour has come back to a nice ginger cream the hair is soft and his shedding of hand fulls of hair has stopped. We are pleased to have had shared Ethers journey to good health and we thank his owner for giving KB Copper Collars the chance.
At the moment we are using chains for inside cats these are our proto type collars we will be getting soon.

KB Copper Collars

Hi everyone We have just received an update on Mr Rig and would love to share what Lisa and Cam had to say. Hi Katherine, wow what a difference a week makes. Rig is doing much better. He seems to have less pain. If he gets much happier we might be in trouble 😉 we are so happy with his bling. Everyone comments on how handsome he is. Now we will get need to get one for his girlfriend Meeka. Cheers Lisa and Cam


Hello I just thought I would give you a update with my little girls grass allergies !
Ever since she has been wearing her copper collar she has not had one allergic reaction !
She doesn’t get red welts on her belly , its been staying nice and pink .
She doesn’t nibble at her paws making them red raw anymore and the best part ! She is growing fur were she has never had fur before cause of her allergies ! 💕
Thank you so much for this amazing collar !
Its the best $35 I have ever spent 😀

KB Copper Collars

I asked Wag Tail Designs if they could possibly source Equifeast’s Cool, Calm and Collected supplement for me and they did which I am most grateful for. WOW!!! what an amazing product. I began with the recommended dose on my Aussie Bulldogs wet food and within 2 weeks the difference in him was unbelievable. He went from a highly strung, nasty dog (to particular people) to a calm and friendly dog. He seemed a lot more relaxed and stayed on his bed instead of running out barking at our customers. I can’t recommend this product enough and I’m so glad Wag Tail Designs now stock it.

Justine Astone

I have purchased this for my Border collie who was obsessively licking/chewing/nibbling her feet. I am on day 10. I can honestly say its worked for her. She still has a go at her paws but i think she is just cleaning them. She was keeping me awake at night before.


Lorraine Claridge

I purchased the heart beat sheep for our new puppy we were getting soon. Prices where fantastic and the best I found.
The communication and service I received was amazing and I would so highly recommend to friends and family. And I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future.
Thank you 😊

Dennielle O'callaghan

Used fight back for the recommended time and did not do anything for my dogs

Tracey WatersAustralia

Hi guys these are before and after photos of Cody, after Christmas Cody was sick and got on infection in his face that took 3 weeks of antibiotics to help heal and was lathargic and not himself. Sylvia gave me some of the stuff to use and it started to work In about a week and the results are fantastic 🐶🐕🐶 and the best news is he is all healed and back to himself


Jody HansenHansen Enviromental

Hi Thank you so much for a very prompt service Received my fight back & calm within a cple of days from order. It’s only a few days my dogs have been having the product. I am really hoping my male Westie will benefit from the fight back – hot spots itching skin and feet that are chewed red raw. Will let you know how we go. Anne

Anne LawsonJoondalup

I haven’t had a chance to try the product yet, however, delivery service was excellent

Carol Freele

I recently bought ‘Fight Back’ and ‘Cool, Calm and Collected’ for cats and dogs. We ‘own’ as well as foster a number of rescue animals, and noses can be severely out of joint when a new animal arrives; hence the latter product. I bought ‘Fight back’ for a recent addition, Buddy, an FIV-positive street cat I picked up in very poor condition, and for Twinkle, a Chi cross we’ve had for the past nine years who was rescued from a very bad situation at the age of 12 months. Twinkle has always had a very delicate digestive system: stress (he’s very nervous) or even different types of (well-monitored premium) foods have led to frequent bouts of gagging and vomiting, which the vets we’ve consulted seem powerless to diagnose or cure. It’s only been a week or two but I am cautiously optimistic about both the effects of both products, which I add to all the animals’ meals. Twinkle in particular hasn’t had a vomiting ‘episode’ since I began doing so. Meanwhile, Buddy’s puncture wounds are healing well and, surprisingly, he’s also growing fur back over some rather confronting scar tissue around his neck and upper torso. Ergo, so far so good with both products.


Josephine Norman

Have a tale to tell…. our darling 8 1/2 year old Boxer Bob Marley had been really very poorly and limping with Arthritis, suffering
from skin irritations and ears like a beetroot from scratching and scarring. His eyes had to be swabbed numerous times a day because of the mucous. We had seen the vets, done all the elimination diets for allergies and found a little relief on Potato and Fish (completely grainfree) He was also heavily medicated but still not comfortable nor happy  Sylv and Chloe came to wash him and gave him a great big dose of love and fussing too. They introduced me to FIGHT BACK, a completely natural mix to be fed once a day with wet food, explained how it works and unbelievably it was only $30 for the whole course. We are in awe of the improvements he experienced within the first week and has continued to amaze us with his ease of movement, bright eyes no scratching and zest for life and fun again. Bob no longer has anything other than natural supplements !!
Thankyou ladies..you have given us our happy boy back. So much gratitude xx


I 100% recommend fightback. My bull terrier had bad skin allergies and after using this just for a week she had no rash no lumps for months. Occasionally it flares up so we give her some more for a week or so.


Shelyce Rae

I have been using Equifeast Fight Back for a while now on my two Bassetts i have found it has been great with their allergies also have had no yeast build up in their ears since using it, Doug’s eye used to get gunky from allergy and has completely stopped that have also noticed a marked difference with his bowel much less mucus, also their general body odour has decreased greatly i used to bath them and they would be smelling again within a week from allergy. i would highly recommend this product it has been a great help and Wag Tail Designs.

Rose Case

Great products and exceptional service. It doesn’t get any better than this for your pooches!!

Marie Snell

We bought the yellow ‘nervous’ harness, when we’re out with our dog we always have that on her, really helps – others have commented what a great idea it is

Amanda Bazzica

I got my order in time and very pleased with the purchase. very good quality thank you

Amanda Grech

I should have taken before and after pictures but wow my Nala’s skin rash is so good now, thank you ever so much for recommending this fight back product I would to recommend it now to everyone so much cheaper than all the vet bills. Thanks again Silvia 😻😻😻

Shay Wade

Absolutely beautiful pieces to remember your fur baby, Sylv is very prompt in service and I received my items within a couple of days of ordering. Thank you again Sylv

Vanessa Hollingworth


Wag Tail Designs has been a supporter of Perth Vet Bill Assistance since our early days. It is so wonderful to have the help of these wonderful people and they have raised lots of money towards helping sick pets get much needed veterinary treatment. I absolutely love their products and their prices are so reasonable. I personally love supporting local small businesses and this is definitely one with heart. I wish them all the best of success and entice anyone reading to become a loyal shopper as they are trustworthy merchants who deserve success.

Tammy Rodrigues

Perth Vet Bill Assist

We were visiting from NZ and went to the Dog Day out at Joondalup where we bought some toys for one of our Samoyeds. We wanted more of them as our Samoyeds loved the you so much and one of our kids managed to leave it on the wood fire a bit too long. After calling Wagtaildesigns we were able to get more of the toys and no matter what difficulty arose, time differences, work scheduled, shipping oddities, Sylv was able to follow through and sort it all out. Thanks for going way above and beyond Sylv.

Kim Murray


Thanks Sylvia for everything you did, the statue was beautiful & now sits in my
garden which I made for UConn.Appreciate you taking the statue to a closer location so I could collect all my dealings
with yourself were outstanding from the start to the end.

Steve Balgera


The Vines



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