🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 5 star review from Sharon: No Dogs coat

My girl does not like little white dogs or loose dogs that come rushing up to her so this coat lets everyone know how she feels. And it looks great on her too.


🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 5 star review from Meganl: Walking is much more enjoyable!

I bought the No Dogs collar for my Staffy who doesn’t like dogs coming up his face since he was attacked last year 🙁 So far it has been an excellent purchase, the collar is great quality and nice and soft inside his neck. Since wearing the collar other dog walkers now give him space when they pass which makes walking much more enjoyable for us both. No more dogs running across the park at him while the owner yells ‘it’s ok, my dog is friendly…’


I found the Bug Barrier Balm pleasant smelling and very easy to use. Unlike other products on the market, I liked the staying power this one has. One application lasts a long time. No ears have been bitten by flies this season so I’m 100% happy. I will definitely buy again.

Karen H

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Manuka Balm to any pet owners with dry and cracked noses or paws. We used it daily and after just one week of use the scabs on my dog’s nose had cleared up. As long as I continue to use the balm it stays smooth. I have tried Paw Paw and so many other ‘natural’ solutions that just didn’t help. Thank you!!

Kelly E

Your products are amazing Belle!! Macs scratching has almost stopped. I think we are both stoked at this!!



I have only been using the Fight Back for one week but noticed the difference in my German Shepherd within a few days. She has almost stopped rubbing her nose on the furniture and the skin under it isn’t so sore looking.

I had originally tried her on steroids which worked but she couldn’t be on all the time, then I was trying to change her diet but that hadn’t made a lot of difference.

I wish I had seen this product earlier.

Thank you


Heather Donald

Hi thanks alot the girls copper necklaces [haaa] fit great .They swim each morning at the beach still looking good .The scratching is at half and it has only been a week WOW thanks again Ann,Posh and Sassy.

Ann MitchellGeograph WA

Heard a lot about fight back, thought I’d give it go as my pup has allergies & itches a lot, he’s been on it for 10 days now & we haven’t seen any difference. We will keep going with it though In the hope that it may help him

Tracy Rankin

Hi Sylvia just a quick note to let you know we received the Fight Back and the Copper Collars today, the collars are a perfect fit. Thank you for sending these so quickly and I will let you know how our girls are doing after a while of wearing the collars and having the Fight Back

Rebecca CaldwellNSW

We have just finished our first trial on cats please meet Ether a ginger and cream cat around 6 years he suffered from stress which caused over grooming, itching and the lose of hand fulls of hair, he became scared of being in the open and hid most if the time not coming out for food, toilet and general he didn’t have much contact with anyone. He has now been wearing his collar for around 7 weeks and his progress with anxiety, stress, over grooming itching and socially has improved he now comes for company he is eating well and hair has started growing back there no more scabs and his coat colour has come back to a nice ginger cream the hair is soft and his shedding of hand fulls of hair has stopped. We are pleased to have had shared Ethers journey to good health and we thank his owner for giving KB Copper Collars the chance.
At the moment we are using chains for inside cats these are our proto type collars we will be getting soon.

KB Copper Collars



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