I asked Wag Tail Designs if they could possibly source Equifeast’s Cool, Calm and Collected supplement for me and they did which I am most grateful for. WOW!!! what an amazing product. I began with the recommended dose on my Aussie Bulldogs wet food and within 2 weeks the difference in him was unbelievable. He went from a highly strung, nasty dog (to particular people) to a calm and friendly dog. He seemed a lot more relaxed and stayed on his bed instead of running out barking at our customers. I can’t recommend this product enough and I’m so glad Wag Tail Designs now stock it.

Justine Astone

I have purchased this for my Border collie who was obsessively licking/chewing/nibbling her feet. I am on day 10. I can honestly say its worked for her. She still has a go at her paws but i think she is just cleaning them. She was keeping me awake at night before.


Lorraine Claridge

I purchased the heart beat sheep for our new puppy we were getting soon. Prices where fantastic and the best I found.
The communication and service I received was amazing and I would so highly recommend to friends and family. And I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future.
Thank you 😊

Dennielle O'callaghan

Used fight back for the recommended time and did not do anything for my dogs

Tracey WatersAustralia

Hi guys these are before and after photos of Cody, after Christmas Cody was sick and got on infection in his face that took 3 weeks of antibiotics to help heal and was lathargic and not himself. Sylvia gave me some of the stuff to use and it started to work In about a week and the results are fantastic 🐶🐕🐶 and the best news is he is all healed and back to himself


Jody HansenHansen Enviromental

Hi Thank you so much for a very prompt service Received my fight back & calm within a cple of days from order. It’s only a few days my dogs have been having the product. I am really hoping my male Westie will benefit from the fight back – hot spots itching skin and feet that are chewed red raw. Will let you know how we go. Anne

Anne LawsonJoondalup

I haven’t had a chance to try the product yet, however, delivery service was excellent

Carol Freele

I recently bought ‘Fight Back’ and ‘Cool, Calm and Collected’ for cats and dogs. We ‘own’ as well as foster a number of rescue animals, and noses can be severely out of joint when a new animal arrives; hence the latter product. I bought ‘Fight back’ for a recent addition, Buddy, an FIV-positive street cat I picked up in very poor condition, and for Twinkle, a Chi cross we’ve had for the past nine years who was rescued from a very bad situation at the age of 12 months. Twinkle has always had a very delicate digestive system: stress (he’s very nervous) or even different types of (well-monitored premium) foods have led to frequent bouts of gagging and vomiting, which the vets we’ve consulted seem powerless to diagnose or cure. It’s only been a week or two but I am cautiously optimistic about both the effects of both products, which I add to all the animals’ meals. Twinkle in particular hasn’t had a vomiting ‘episode’ since I began doing so. Meanwhile, Buddy’s puncture wounds are healing well and, surprisingly, he’s also growing fur back over some rather confronting scar tissue around his neck and upper torso. Ergo, so far so good with both products.


Josephine Norman

Have a tale to tell…. our darling 8 1/2 year old Boxer Bob Marley had been really very poorly and limping with Arthritis, suffering
from skin irritations and ears like a beetroot from scratching and scarring. His eyes had to be swabbed numerous times a day because of the mucous. We had seen the vets, done all the elimination diets for allergies and found a little relief on Potato and Fish (completely grainfree) He was also heavily medicated but still not comfortable nor happy  Sylv and Chloe came to wash him and gave him a great big dose of love and fussing too. They introduced me to FIGHT BACK, a completely natural mix to be fed once a day with wet food, explained how it works and unbelievably it was only $30 for the whole course. We are in awe of the improvements he experienced within the first week and has continued to amaze us with his ease of movement, bright eyes no scratching and zest for life and fun again. Bob no longer has anything other than natural supplements !!
Thankyou ladies..you have given us our happy boy back. So much gratitude xx

Equifeast Fight Back

I 100% recommend fightback. My bull terrier had bad skin allergies and after using this just for a week she had no rash no lumps for months. Occasionally it flares up so we give her some more for a week or so.


Shelyce Rae



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